Prayers for the Dead 2023

This is a place to request prayers for deceased loved ones.

Simply list your deceased family and friends in the comment box below. Please separate names with a comma. 

For other general prayer requests, please visit Prayer Requests 2023.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord;
and let perpetual light shine upon them. 
May they rest in peace. Amen.

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32 Replies to “Prayers for the Dead 2023”

  • Marie & Byard Gaulene; Frederick Robert, Amelie & Althee Duplantier; Christopher & Elizabeth Mengis; Carol Lorraine Mengis; Crozet & Peggy Duplantier; James Tolhurst; Carol Tolhurst; Herbert James & Marie Tolhurst; Peter & Rose Grivas; Bobby, Leon, Earl & Robert Louis Duplantier; Eddie Pugh; Chris & Marie Mengis; Fr. Michael Alchediak, S.J.; Fr. Bernard Tonnar, S.J.; Jack Larkins; Vincent Caruso; Sim & Betty Shattuck; Tiny, Dot & Rick Grant; Frederick Gaulene; Alfred & Gloria Gaulene; Harold Smith; Camille & Lois Weber; Carol McKinney; Larry McCormick; Ida Gay; Charles Peter McDonald; Fritz Eagan; Edward R. & Maxine Ferry; Rev. Kevin Horrigan; Richard Baudouin; Eddie Blank; Robert Williams; Sandy Gelpi; Charlie Bellone; Pope John Paul II; Fr. John H. Miller, C.S.C., S.T.D.; Les; John Kempf; Adrian Duplantier; Dr. Fred Duhart, D.O.; Jules Edwards; Iris Turner; Warren Mengis; Bob Wombacher, Jr.; Nick LaBella; Aaron Miles; Mike Toth, Joseph Wellman, Diane Hamby Gertjejansen; Peggy Stuart; Carol Kersting; Chris Duplantier; Raymond Patzius; Kathleen Gray Kovacs; Tom Fitzgerald; Joe Dragon; Bob Roesler; Zoe Berger Hall; Robyn Masucci; Pope Benedict XVI; Dolly Duplantier Siegel; June Barnett; Debbie Singleton

    • Please pray for my son, Jordan Anthony Russell, who passed in a motorcycle accident September 5, 2019

    • Catherine Daly, Maureen Sague, Poohbear, Caine, Ali Elizabeth, Mindy Lou, Chris Smykal, John Sague, Dickie Paup, Mary Kelly, John Smykal SR, Tia Maria, Steven Smykal, Otto Smykal, Poppop John Sague, Kim Rogers, Alyssa, Steven Dudley, Joey Antonelli, Xena, Alice Antonelli, Nicky Wesley, George Daly, Grandmom Smykal, Angel, Grandmom Sague, Walt Smykal, Babies, Dewey Smykal, Patrick Smykal, Bobby Smykal, Sarah Buckley, Robert Arcani, Marie Arcani, Panzer, Carlo Arcani, Chris McDonald, Cathy, Tuscany, Bruce, Pat Buckely, Tom Buckley, Bruce Lauer

  • Vincent Caruso; Jack Larkins; Sr. Mary David Collins, RSHM; Barbara Bonney; Frank Cali; Helen Brady Fourcade; Beatrice Brady Evans; Bernard Tonnar, S.J.; Barry McGannon, S.J; Zelma Benoit; Harvey Quittner; Nancy Michele Scholl; Thomas Reso; Rev. Harold Dicharry; Mike Lala; Thomas Stahel, S.J.; James Loughran, S.J.; Janice Guillory; Thomas H. Clancy, S.J.; Thomas P. O’Malley, S.J.; Ferdinand Grayson; Phil Johnson; Bill Monroe; David John Camp; Catherine DuFour O’Neil; Tracy Smith; Gay Adde; Bill & Ginny Ketelhut; Pearl Marie Brady Cali; Peggy Stuart; John Eckholdt; Irma Stiegler; Sr. Lucy Burrus, D.C.; Henry Garon; Robert Kerslake; Thomas Madden, S.J.; John Becker; Jimmy Fitzmorris; Vincent Tumminello, M.D.; Thomas Kloor, John Rehage; Peter Rogers, S.J.; John Padburg, S.J.; Leo J. Nicoll, S.J.; Mary Ann Valentino; Robert Roesler; Moon Landrieu; Shirley Stoma Rhode

  • Claudette Richards, deceased members of the Rowe Family, Deceased members of the Soucy Family, Deceased members of the Morrison and Insalaco Families.

  • Mary Kelly, Catherine Sague Daly, Maureen Smykal, Christopher Smykal, Marie and Carlo Arcani, Dickey Paup, Kim Rogers, George Daly, Florence and John Smykal, Steven Smykal, Walt Smykal, Dewey Smykal, Kathy and all those I left unmentioned

  • Mary Kelly, Catherine Sague Daly, Maureen Smykal, Christopher Smykal, Marie and Carlo Arcani, Dickey Paup, Kim Rogers, George Daly, Florence and John Smykal, Steven Smykal, Walt Smykal, Dewey Smykal, Kathy and all those I left unmentioned may you dance with the Angels

  • Dear St. Joseph, pray for the repose of the soul of my mother, Rita Ley, for John and Ruth Holman, Paulina Ley, Neal Moore, and Dan Otte.

  • Louis Dawsey, Joyce Dawsey, C.H. Kellar, Billie Jo Kellar, Keith Kellar. All souls lost to Covid.

  • For all my families: Totckys, Sarazins, Murphys, . For my cousins who died by suicide. Please Jesus, have mercy. And for all the souls in Purgatory esp those who have no one to pray for them, and those who have been there the longest.

  • For our beloved parents and grandparents and our son Joseph…. For all of the Shifko, Sunseri, Willochell, Marto, Palermo, Panucci, Incardona, and Mandzaira family members, especially Palma, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Diane, Jimmy, David and Dorothy.

  • Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed (especially those in my family), through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    I am praying for all the good folks listed here.

  • For Joseph Trippi, faithful husband to Francis and father of Mary, Tony, Carm and Vinny. For all he did for his family and friends in following Jesus and the church in sharing his faith. May God grant him and his family peace and rest. Amen

  • Rosemarie Fernandez, Aunt Susan, Deacon Lawrence, Pete Guasti, Angelina Falotico, Mr. Dietzel, Lisa Yang

  • John Martin Dillon, Sr. Mavis Dillon, La Verne Satterly, Edna Dillon, Kevin Patrick O’Malley.

  • Please pray for the repose of my daughter’s soul. Her name is Elise. She ended her life on December 11, 2022, age 33. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, please have mercy on her soul!

  • Please pray for Susan, Luke, Charlie, Guillermo, Flavia, Philip, Aaron, Hayley and Enrique.
    Thank you.
    May the Lord and Our Blessed Mother bless you.

  • God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.

  • For my first spiritual guides, David Bothe and Christy Gray. For my grandfather Steig Bjork. For my aunt Lisa Bjork. For my grandmother Harris Lentini. And for Lilly Strealy. May the Lord and all his saints bless them and forgive their sins. Amen>

  • For the repose of the souls of the Braz, Serpa, Nunes, Forbes, Gomes, Menezes, McKeown and House families. Also for all those who have no one to pray for them or no one is praying for them.

  • For all the hols souls in Purgatory. For Bob and MaryJane Totcky, Lynn Parrish, and all family members who have gone to the Lord many years ago now. And especially for the souls dying this present day in conflicts of this world. Lord grant Pease to all.

  • All seems lost. This is Your moment, Lord. Have mercy in this danger and need! I ask for those I entrust, for holiness, vocations and apostolates. For the blessed souls in Purgatory.

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