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Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of me,
pray for me, watch over me.
Guardian of the paradise of the new Adam,
provide for my temporal wants.
Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures,
I beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end,
if it be for the glory of God,
and the good of my soul.

29 Replies to “PRAYER REQUESTS 2022”

  • Prayer warriors:

    Larry Jr is 36yo intubated with a double pneumonia and COVID at Sacred Heart Hospital in Wisconsin. At the time this occurred, Larry Jr was considering conversion from Lutheran to the Catholic faith as well as discerning a vocation into a contemplative order. Please pray for God’s healing in accordance with Thy Will.



  • St.Joseph pray for Angela and Dino Evangelista and family watch over Giuseppe, Mariagrazia,Antonio,and Rita. Pray they find good noble loyal Catholic spouses. Pray and protect our family.

  • A friend of St. Joseph is in need. Jose Rodriguez, author of “The Book of Joseph” needs our prayers. He writes:

    Some of you know me as the Catholic author and speaker behind “The Book of Joseph”, “St. Joseph: Messages of the Heart”, and “Our Lady of Portugal: Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary Throughout Portugal’s History”. Others know me for my Ad Te Beate Ioseph apostolate with which I evangelized St. Joseph to people around the world (before it was cool lol). I have always been a “paycheque to paycheque” guy as any savings were put into my various St. Joseph projects. As of two weeks ago I have lost my job in healthcare and have been turned out from my lodgings. The small city I live in has only 1 small shelter with 4 beds. Resources are slim. So it is with a great swallowing of pride that I am begging for help. I haven’t received any help from the government yet, so I must turn to my brother’s and sisters in Christ.

    Any little bit will help me with medication and food. I do still have my car though, so I do have a place to sleep. Please give if you are able. If not, please say a decade of the Rosary for me? God bless you and St. Joseph smile upon you.

  • St.. Joseph please pray for me that i get the job
    and they will call me soon. Thank You St. Joseph. Amen.

  • St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, please protect my oldest son and intercede for him that his heart would be inflamed with the love of God and held within the united hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

  • Oh St Joseph, please pray for my uncle – Ronald J Lehr – who is suffering from terminal stomach cancer.

    Please intercede for my dad – Michael – who is suffering from health problems and depression.

    St Joseph, pray for us and poor dying sinners!

  • St Joseph the Worker, please pray for my friend and former workmate William W. to be healed in body, mind, and spirit. Thank you.

  • O, Good and Loving St. Joseph, St. Joseph Most Pure, please intercede for my family at this difficult time. Please intercede also for those dear friends who also need your help. Thank you, St. Joseph, Knight-Saint!

  • Dear Saint Joseph, I ask for your guidance in balancing my work load in a way that is for my and my clients’ highest goods. I ask to always make enough money to pay off all of my debts and my obligations. I ask for a blessing for my Cousin Gina who is waiting now to pass on. I ask Gina please have an easy smooth passing; if possible for me to be with her when she passes please let that happen. I ask for prayers for my Cousin Pat who has terminal cancer. I pray for good news for my work team in late March.

  • I lift up to you Lord God, my whole family and all of my friends and aquaintances . My children, grandchildren, cousins, siblings, aunts uncles, neighbors. That they all return to Jesus, be converted, return to the sacraments

  • Please pray for MK to be happy in the new workplace. May he experience the love, joy and peace of Holy Spirit in his heart.

  • St Joseph please help my friend Casey N in Taos NM fighting against Covid and recuperating from Breast Cancer. Thank you

  • Dear St. Joseph please intercede for my son and pray for him to be surrounded by true friends and people who have his best interests at heart. Please pray for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit and comforted by our Lord. Please also pray for his safety and protection during his travels.

  • Please help me with making my photography a source of income and to be accepted into the call for entries I submit my work to. Assist me in finding fulfilling paying work to pay my bills and to afford my upcoming dental surgery and tooth implant. Thank you for all that you do and help me keep my heart open to receive your blessings.

  • St Joseph, I pray that I get spiritual, physical and mental healing for myself, my sisters, and My mother Lorraine. I ask for health and healing for my extended family, I ask humbly in Jesus’s holy name. Amen

  • St. Joseph, pray for my families to be united, love each other and leave in harmony like the
    blessed family Of Jesus, Mary and You Joseph. Touch our lives to leave health and wealthy

  • St. Joseph, please ask our Father to guide the leaders and people of the world toward peace. The events in Ukraine are scary and tenuous. I pray that the Blessed family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph will protect us from harm. Thank you St. Joseph. AMEN

  • St. Joseph, please ask God to let His will be done with my dad, Wayne. I pray that my will for my dad to stay here on earth with me is the will of God but if is not then I ask God to please take him and end his suffering. If it is Gods will for him to stay on earth with me then I ask God to heal him completely, let my dad be a testimony to God our Father.

  • That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Forsake My Sins Trust In Jesus And Mary Poor Souls In Purgatory My Priest Friends For The Pope Prayer In Schools That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Forsake My Sins

  • That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Forsake My Sins Trust In Jesus And Mary Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools My Priest Friends For The Pope That I Will Keep The Laws Of God

  • Pray for getting a good job, pray for my both hand pain. Pray for my financial issues going thru. Pray for my wife health, she is sufferings from knee pain and shoulder pain. Pray for my daughter shoulder pain and her studies. Pray for my brothers and sisters family problems. Pray for my parents and mother in law health

  • Souls in Purgatory, new house and new job, healing from adenomyosis high bp, personal conversion, money and finanacial for Education degree and studies and open a business

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