2023 Thanks!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2023 Feast Day! It’s hard to believe the Virtual St. Joseph Altar has been online for 25 years!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Vox Hiberniae

Vox Hiberniae draw on a variety of composers and genres to reflect musically on the shaping of the Irish Church by the saints, men and women who established Christianity in Ireland . . .

2023 Novena to St. Joseph

This year, because the Feast of St. Joseph falls on a Sunday, the feast day is moved to Monday, March 20th. Novenas can be started on March 11th to end on the traditional March 19th date. Or, on March 12th to end on the moved feast on March 20th. The choice is yours!

Giving Thanks for 25 Years

One bright spot in my Lenten journey is the March 19 Feast of St. Joseph. In the tradition of the St. Joseph Altars of New Orleans, we prepare our own small Altar in our dining room in honor of St. Read more…

eBook giveaway: Viva San Giuseppe: A Guide For St. Joseph Altars

Congratulations to  Kim N, winner of a digital copy of Viva San Giuseppe: A Guide For St. Joseph Altars. Thanks to all who entered!

Find a 2023 St. Joseph Altar

Though certainly not complete, this listing is meant to help you locate an in-person St. Joseph Altar near you.

FEATURED IN @ Worship: Liturgical Practices in Digital Worlds

I just recently discovered that the Virtual St. Joseph Altar is mentioned in @ Worship: Liturgical Practices in Digital Worlds by Teresa Berger, published July 2017.

The 2023 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Now Open

Visit the Virtual St. Joseph Altar blog.Join us on Facebook, Instagram, & Telegram. The Virtual Altar will remain open through the March 20 Feast Day. Viva San Giuseppe! The Virtual St. Joseph Altar first went online in February of 1999. My goal was to spread this devotion beyond Read more…

Preparing for Lent

Jennifer Gregory Miller has a new post over at Catholic Culture to help you prepare and get the most out of the 2023 Lenten season. I’m excited to see the Virtual St. Joseph Altar included in the St. Joseph section.  Read more…

Monthly Newsletter Coming Soon!

On February 1st we’ll launch our very first Virtual St. Joseph Altar monthly email newsletter. Content will include articles and information on St. Joseph, his feasts, and of course St. Joseph Altars. How can you get one? If you’ve already Read more…