St. Joseph, Protector of Holy Church

Needed now more than ever!

Taken from Fr. Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book with Meditations:

Protector of Holy Church
Having besought the aid of your most holy bride, we turn to you in our distress, blessed Joseph, and confidently invoke your protection too. We beseech you to look kindly on our heritage that Jesus Christ made His own with His blood, and to use your power to help us in our needs, through the love that bound you to the immaculate Virgin, God’s Mother, and through the fatherly love you poured out on the Child Jesus. Most careful guardian of the Holy Family, protect the chosen people of Jesus Christ; most loving father keep us from all stain of error and corruption. Most mighty deliverer, look down on us from the height of heaven; aid us in our battle against the powers of darkness, and defend God’s holy Church from the guiles of the enemy and all adversity, as once you snatched the Child Jesus from the jaws of death. Assist us unceasingly, so that, upheld by your example and your help, we may live a holy life, die a holy death, and reach the everlasting happiness of heaven. Amen.

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