Sharing a Special Prayer to St. Joseph

I received the following email in March, 2011:

Dear Sister in Christ, 

Attached is a Prayer to St. Joseph which was composed by me, in fulfillment of a Vow made to Him, for deliverance from evil. I wish to share it with many as possible, that God Almighty be glorified through the prayers of St. Joseph. I believe, it brings great joy to the hearts of Jesus and Mary when we love and honour St. Joseph, as they did . Please pass this prayer on to those whom you feel need the powerful protection, and intervention of St. Joseph in their life situations, and families, jobs and whatever their need may be, especially during this Novena week in preparation for the feast of St. Joseph.

May God bless you.
(SRI- LANKA) 18th MARCH 2011

Prayer To St. Joseph For Deliverance from Bondages, Addiction and Generation Curse (To be said before Holy Mass or Before the BLESSED SACRAMENT)

Great St. Joseph, Foster father of Jesus and true Spouse of the Holy Mother of God, I come before you with so much confidence and faith, because God the Father who chose you, had confidence in you, to entrust His most priceless possessions of Jesus and Mary into your Holy hands, and you didn’t let them down. Great was the trust and confidence Jesus and Mary had in you, that they humbly subjected themselves to your authority, knowing that God the Father, revealed His plan and guided them both through you. St. Joseph your great humility was so pleasing to God, and you were privileged to witness the Saviour of the World come forth in to this sinful world to set mankind free from the powers of satan. At that holy moment You were so Blessed to be the first human being to hold the Saviour in your arms and place Him in the arms of Mother Mary. The silent sufferings you endured before His birth were amply rewarded by God, who chose you to be His Father.

Dear St. Joseph, I feel unworthy to approach a Holy soul like you, but I know you will never reject anyone who seeks your help. Together with Mother Mary ,You welcomed the visits of the Magi and Shepherds into your humble abode. I too come before you now trusting and confident that you have the power to help me, in this my urgent need, for which there is no human solution. I place in your Holy Hands, (name of person) . . . who is held in bondage from a generation curse of (cancer/heart disease/ kidney- trouble/blindness/) and is also addicted to alcohol/drugs/rejection of God/smoking/immorality/sexual sins/ violent temper/ cheating/dishonesty/lying/ avarice/greed/ gluttony/financial mismanagement/ immodesty/foul language/adultery)

Dear St. Joseph as I surrender this person to your hands, I plead with you, To take Authority over (his/her) weakness and desires which are deep rooted and controlled by satan and the powers of darkness. Hold Him/her in your holy and powerful hands and anoint (him/her) with the sinless blood of Mary which covered the little body of the new born Saviour, at the moment of His holy Birth, when He came out of Her Sinless womb, to break all chains, and set free those who were captives of sin. St.Joseph,- Jesus and Mary humbly obeyed you. I plead with you, take authority over the power of satan and the evil spirit that is holding on and controlling( . . . ) and destroying (his/her) life with this addiction and generation curse. May these powers of darkness be shattered and crumble at your holy command, and may (he/she) be delivered forever from the bondages of hell. May your Holy Spouse Mary stand together and beside you in holy and powerful intercession, with the divine light and radiance of God, as you deliver this soul from darkness to light, in the same way you delivered Jesus and Mary from the hands of Herod.

May the Angels of heaven sing “Glory to God” as the powers of hell are broken, shattered and defeated ( . . . ) by the powerful authority God has given you over satan. Thank You St. Joseph for interceding for me and my family. Be our guide and helper together with Mary, deliver us from all evil and fill our homes, and protect us with your holy presence. AMEN. Praise the Lord!

— Prayer – Composed by Priyanthi VanDort -31st December 2010

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