Prayer Requests 2024

This is the place for general prayer requests.

Simply submit your prayer request in the comment box below. For prayers for deceased loved ones, please visit Prayers for the Dead 2024.

Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of me,
pray for me, watch over me.
Guardian of the paradise of the new Adam,
provide for my temporal wants.
Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures,
I beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end,
if it be for the glory of God,
and the good of my soul.

15 Replies to “Prayer Requests 2024”

  • Good Saint Joseph, please pray for me that I may receive financial help, especially from debts I incurred during a time when I lost income for months. You provided for Jesus and Mary during their earthly life; provide for me also!

    I also ask you for the grace of discernment and clarity regarding my vocation as a lay person, that I may serve Christ and His Church in the way He calls me to serve. Whether He calls to a third order or not, may His will be done.

    Finally, I ask you for the grace of physical and psychological healing for myself. Good Saint Joseph, Jesus will not refuse you if you ask; intercede for me to Him, who is our Way, our Truth, and our Life! Amen.

  • For Jim Unkenholz to have a complete recovery. For your financial help in clearing all of my debts, increase of income, steady flow of good work. Bless my Family and friends and neighbors.

  • Dear St. Joseph:
    Please continue to protect all of our first responders and military, and provide for the continued health of my Mom as she’s recovering from her illness, getting stronger with each passing day. Bless this house and all who dwell within it that it may be protected from disasters. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  • Return to good health from throat cancer and be cancer free for my nephew, Stanley. No more cancer for Renee and Rich. Healing for Kim from side effects of covid for the passed three year. Healing from heart surgery for Tony R. Good health for my family and me so we can go about doing God’s will each and every day. For Fr. Joseph.

  • For good friends and a good husband, if it’s what Jesus wants for me. Otherwise, for the graces to accept God’s will & plans for my life. Blessings upon my business and work.

  • Health for one with chronic leg pain.
    Health for cardiac problem and digestive problem.
    Thanksgiving for blessings received.

  • That our old house may sell quickly and at a fair price. That my beloved husband and myself, and also our children and grandsons, will be blessed with peace, prosperity and good health.

  • Dear St Joseph I ask for your powerfull intertetion for a loving husband for me and the miracle of healthy children in body and mind, for my parents to be there at my wedding and for them to meet their grandchildre. For those praying for a future spouse.
    For a miraculous financial relief and a blessing to help my family and me get out of debt.
    For restoration and to redeem time.
    For a good well payed job.
    thank you for, Lord all the blessings.
    Thank you
    In Jesus name,


  • Good St. Joseph, please bring our children and other family members back to the fullness of the Catholic Faith, ASAP. Thank you, Good St. Joseph.

    R, M.

  • +JMJ+
    Prayers please for Teresa P., who has Stage 1 breast cancer, and Raelene H, who has an aggressive stage 4 high grade ovarian cancer.

    Also for one of our daughters, a special intention.

    Thanks & God Bless.

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