Prayer Requests 2021

This is a place for general prayer requests.

Simply submit your prayer request in the comment box below. For prayers for deceased loved ones, please visit Prayers for the Dead 2020.

Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of me,
pray for me, watch over me.
Guardian of the paradise of the new Adam,

provide for my temporal wants.
Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures,

I beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end,
if it be for the glory of God,
and the good of my soul.

34 Replies to “Prayer Requests 2021”

  • Please pray my husband’s new law practice is successful, and that I may find a job quickly to help sustain our family in the interim, Thank you! St. Joseph, pray for us!

  • My next door neighbour wants to build an extension with open air balcony. He has been a bully to me since he moved in with loud parties and has behaved in a selfish manner. I know he intends to hold outdoor parties on his balcony which will overlook my garden and take away my privacy as well as produce much noise and be a general nuisance.Pray that his application be rejected and that he and his family may move and I may get good thoughtful and considerate and quiet neighbours in his stead.

  • Please pray for the mental health of my brother JP, and for my vocation. If it is marriage, for my future wife and a signal grace. Thank you!

  • Praying for my business to survive and my children are freed from the anxiety and pain that torments them. Praying my children can lead happy, healthy lives.
    Praying for everyone that lost a loved one to Covid or has suffered due to the pandemic.
    Please help all the people that struggle to food on their table and for all that are lonely.
    Please help the oppressed to break free of their oppressors so they may no peace and justice.

  • Please pray that my wife and I along with many thousands of others may be able to see, hold & hug our children soon and these awful lockdowns end.

  • Prayers for my momma who is fighting pancreatic cancer! Asking for health, strength, positivity, courage, and grace!

  • Prayers for my boss, Carol, that she will be healthy and well after diagnosis and treatment related to her thyroid and my best friend, Denise who is getting treated for Stage IV cancer. Also prayers that all the mamas and lambs being born at Kathryn’s farm are healthy and safe.
    Most of all, Prayers for everyone affected by these times of COVID – that we continue to have the strength and optimism to fight through this and ability to adapt to these hardships as they are thrown at us.

  • Prayers for all who are in need to find what it is they need. Prayers for new love and financial prosperity for myself. Blessings.

  • Dear St. Joseph, I submit to you these intentions for my family and friends:
    –our most deeply held intentions
    –find us a nice home in the NO area for retirement
    –good health or the Grace to bear well the problems
    –our thanksgiving to be carried to the Throne of the Almighty
    IF these intentions are for the greater glory and honor to the Almighty and they are for the good of our immortal souls.

  • We’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year and we have not been successful. After several surgeries and lots of work please pray that we become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

  • Praying for when I can get a Covid 19 shot so that I can be protected from the scourge of the virus. Let them be as widely available as possible.
    San Giussepe, pray for us!

  • Praying that my family, friends & I may learn to cope with the death of my husband last month unexpectedly due to Covid Pneumonia. That my Daddy can get some relief from his constant pain & that our family including our new great-granddaughter will stay safe.

  • St.Joseph Please Pray for Val and Do
    Guide my Soulmate,Future Husband
    Too Me Soon there at Acme Store
    Amen.St.Joseph Please guide him
    Too me and into my Love Life Relationship with Val Amen.
    Keep me in Good Health too and
    Healthy more Amen.Bless Me St Joseph and Keep Granting my Prayer’s too you and my Rosary Prayer’s with Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen.Please keep Protecting
    Val and Keep me Safe more Amen.
    Love u and Thank u A lot St.Joseph
    With my Prayer’s too u.
    God Bless Val with Michael and Do guide me with Good True Friends too me amen.God Bless The Birthday Girl too more and Grant her Birthday
    Prayer’s Wishes amen.
    Happy Feast Day!
    Please help me out more St Joseph
    Keep Praying of Val With my Soulmate too her Amen.
    Praying for a Blessed Good True
    Relationship with my Soulmate out there too me and Keep Guiding him
    Into my Life St.Joseph Amen.
    Thank God with Virgin Mary with You
    In Prayer’s more and Rosary Too.

  • Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Our Lady, pray for my family. Through your prayers, may my parents to be preserved from evil and be granted spiritual and temporal graces in this life. Please help me vanquish my lusts and masturbation, and assist me in appreciating the value of chastity, devotion and diligence. Help me to commit to my spirituality and studies. Recommend us to your Son that He may be generous to us. We love you, St. Joseph!

  • Praying that my husband and I may learn to cope with the death of our son on January 17, 2020.
    I pray that you give us the strength to go on living without him. Praying that our grandchildren Mason and Maddox never forget the love we have for them, and they never forget us.
    Pray for us St.Joseph

  • Praying for my daughter’s health and for her to gain new clients in her influencing business. I am also praying for my Pampered Chef business to thrive and to get out of debt.

  • Please pray for me that I will have a suitable source of income. I am still unemployed. It will be (1) one year and 9 months now.
    Pray for me and my husband, Ronald Rivers to overcome our financial obligations. This I pray thru Christ our Lord, Amen.

  • Pray for my daughter Joan Julian Amanda Mary Banura
    who is having a difficult pregnancy and whose time for giving birth to her baby is due to have a safe birth.
    May St Joseph the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary Foster Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, her Guardian Angel her Patron Saint and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven come down and be with her and protect her

  • Dear St. Joseph,
    You were a big help to my parents in their search for housing, please help Marie Glasgow, and her family to find new housing. I don’t know why they’ve had so much trouble with this, but I’m sure you do. If you could please help them understand what it is they need to learn quickly, and help them to get and keep secure housing, it would be such a wonderful thing. Thank you so very much.

  • St Joseph. Please keep my children close to you and guide them to Jesus and Mary. Please save us a spot in Heaven. Thank you!

  • St Joseph, my prayer is for my daughter to heal and get over the heartbreak of her last relationship. May she pray as well and May she meet good new people that will serve as good friends, support, and that she’ll get out and do things with. May they be great influences for her. Help her to find her talent and gain interest in a new hobby and may she no longer be depressed. Help her to receive the proper mental health.

  • St Joseph my prayer is for the unity of the Torres and Tomlinson families and my son to find a good relationship in our new place.

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