Altars Gearing Up For St. Joseph’s Day

by Kat Stelly, Times-Picayune

If you know how to bake Italian cookies, the seniors at Wynhoven Apartments in Marrero could use your help. Residents are organizing a St. Joseph’s Day altar, and need assistance baking the hundreds of Italian cookies that are a crucial part of this tradition.

For information on how you can help, call Wynhoven Apartments at 347-0777. Those who wish to learn more about St. Joseph’s Day altars and the traditions associated with them can visit a neat resource on the Internet called the Virtual St. Joseph Altar. The image of the altar has clickable links that explain the relevance of each item on the altar. Also on the site are recipes for Italian cookies and other traditions associated with St. Joseph, such as the prayer for selling your home. The virtual altar can be viewed at

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