The 2023 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Now Open

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The Virtual Altar will remain open through the March 20 Feast Day.

Viva San Giuseppe!

The Virtual St. Joseph Altar first went online in February of 1999. My goal was to spread this devotion beyond the few places it is traditionally celebrated and explain the history and rituals of this rich annual tradition. With more and more visitors, the website really has evolved and grown. This year, I am thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of online devotion to St. Joseph.

 Thank you for these 25 years of prayers and support and for continuing to spread devotion to St. Joseph.

2 Replies to “The 2023 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Now Open”

  • I thank you very much for this website.
    I started an Altar at our church 10 yrs ago at Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota Florida. We are an F.S.S.P. Latin Rite Church and it always brings so much pleasure.

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